Healing Fields

Healing Fields

Drury Church has set aside 5 acres of our 100 acre property to establish a quiet environment to facilitate healing in Christian workers of any denomination, and as a service to the wider community.  We have in mind those needing to recover from an operation, a traumatic event  like the death of a loved one, a marriage breakup, restoration of their faith, or missionaries who need a rest when suffering from stress or exhaustion, or when they are elderly — also unmarried mothers during birth and for some days after.

The land set aside now has four houses, three of which were moved on specifically for the purpose.  We are praying for help to refurbish the fourth large house which has eight bedrooms, two lounges, a dining room and several service rooms.  Two of the four houses each have married couples dedicated to this healing ministry.

Drury Church operates a common purse which means that the everyone shares the produce from the land, including vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk, meat, butter and cheese, and receive from the Trust a small fortnightly income for each family.  The family head is responsible to pay his own tax as a self-employed person, as the Trust is set up in such a way that all who are working on the land own the Trust.  There are times when all agree that the cash payout has to be less than planned.  Flexibility regarding the remuneration therefore is needed.  We share the vehicles and try to do our own maintenance. 

All living on the land are expected to join in with the daily times of prayer, the morning business meeting, and the meetings on Sunday.  A commitment to our communal way of life  is essential, so previous experience in living closely with other Christians on a daily basis is certainly helpful.  As a church fellowship, we have a strong missionary emphasis, so there are visitors continually from many countries, and from different organisations.

Workers are expected to join in with the support of missionary work, including receiving visitors to stay in their homes, or going out short term to the mission field to offer this support to the missionaries there.

There are times when the sacrifice involved in this work seems very great, but we are motivated by the examples of our Lord Jesus, and the many who have followed Him before us in doing this type of work.