If you are interested in the background to our fellowship and would like some encouragement to get involved in a similar one, then this possibly is a good book for you to read.  It is written by a prophet so is pretty direct, and it starts at the author’s earliest days and how the Lord dealt with him in treating his calling seriously.  Ron is honest about his weaknesses and his dependance on the Holy Spirit to keep his salvation in a place of daily fruitfulness.  The story of how the Holy Spirit led him to marry his wife Jeanette will help some who long to be married, but know they can’t enter into the current fashion of dating.

Ron then explains the early days of his family working with the Robson family to begin Drury Church, and how the Lord Jesus led the tiny fellowship to take more land in Drury, and allow others to be added.  He explains how the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been essential in joining each member into a body — the body of Christ.

The book concludes with the relation between Israel, the Church and the denominations.  Ron explains how the coming tribulation is God’s answer for the need to purify both Israel and the Church and make them both one through the Cross of our Lord Jesus.  Ephesians 2.15-16

A Haven for Ships has also been translated into German