This is our first one written by Ronit Sogo (nee Meyer)  and tells of her walk with the Lord through a valley of suffering.  We all went through it with her, and together we learnt much of His wonderful grace.

While she was a missionary on Rennell Island, the southern-most island in the Solomon group, she contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome.  It is a condition of the immune system that attacks the outer sheath of the nerves and renders them useless.  The whole body gradually shuts down.  Ronit tells very honestly what it was like to be finally evacuated from Rennell, to Honiara, and then to Auckland, just in time.  In the hospital the doctors had to connect her to a breathing machine to keep her alive while the medicine stopped the immune system from attacking, and as many people were praying around the world, her body slowly returned to normal.  However there were many painful weeks as Ronit learned to walk and do normal functions again.

In going through such a valley we learn the of the compassion of the Lord, and as Ronit tells in her book, this gave her authority to communicate this to others.

E-mail us if you would like to read this book.  The book includes a copy of a DVD of Ronit’s wedding on Rennell Island.  She was married to Stephen Sogo on 27 January 2006 — a wonderful conclusion to an amazing “valley” experience with the Lord.