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Bible School

The Bible School offers adults the opportunity to make up for lost time when they were younger as far as their standard education goes.  We use the Bible and personalized Christian curriculum to encourage those who come to us in becoming stable and confident in their handling of day to day life.

The Bible School offers theological studies for persons of any age and goes through the Bible over 2 years looking at how the different books of the Bible fit in together in history, how the Old and New Testaments relate to each other and how to personally apply what one reads to every day life.

The normal scholastic subjects of Maths, English, Science, Social Studies and Wordbuilding (spelling and grammar) are available up to University entrance level along with a wider range of subjects that give credits towards a school leaving certificate.

We are able to give student visas for this two year course so if you are wanting to attend from overseas please send in your application.

A Bible School student is expected to join in with the daily times of prayer, the morning business meeting for the men or scheduled daily tasks for the women, and the meetings on Sunday.  A commitment to our communal way of life  is essential, as we see gaining experience in living closely with other Christians on a daily basis is helpful for returning to your home and being able to encourage your church to become a Church in Action too.  As a church fellowship, we have a strong missionary emphasis, so there are visitors continually from many countries, and different organizations from which to glean experience and the broadening of a Christian World View.
Study is for half a day and practical work for the other half. Students are expected to join in with the support of missionary work, including receiving visitors to stay in their homes (who could also be persons in need), or going out on short term to the mission field  here in New Zealand or overseas to offer support to the Churches and missionaries there.
There are times when the sacrifice involved in this work seems very great, but we are motivated by the examples of our Lord Jesus, and the many who have followed Him before us in doing this type of work.