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Our Books

We print, bind, and publish our own books, so we can make them available at very reasonable cost.
The sections of a book are produced on our photocopier.
Then each section is sewn on this humble domestic sewing machine, glued by hand, pressed under the telephone books, and trimmed with a craft-knife.

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A Haven For Ships

If you are interested in the background to our fellowship and would like some encouragement to get involved in a similar one, then this possibly is a good book for you to read.  It is written by a prophet so is pretty direct, and it starts at the author’s earliest days and how the Lord dealt with him in treating his calling seriously.  Ron is honest about his weaknesses and his dependance on the Holy Spirit to keep his salvation in a place of daily fruitfulness.  The story of how the Holy Spirit led him to marry his wife Jeanette will help some who long to be married, but know they can’t enter into the current fashion of dating.

Ron then explains the early days of his family working with the Robson family to begin Drury Church, and how the Lord Jesus led the tiny fellowship to take more land in Drury, and allow others to be added.  He explains how the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been essential in joining each member into a body — the body of Christ.

The book concludes with the relation between Israel, the Church and the denominations.  Ron explains how the coming tribulation is God’s answer for the need to purify both Israel and the Church and make them both one through the Cross of our Lord Jesus.  Ephesians 2.15-16

A Haven for Ships has also been translated into German

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In Him All Things Hold Together

This is our first one written by Ronit Sogo (nee Meyer)  and tells of her walk with the Lord through a valley of suffering.  We all went through it with her, and together we learnt much of His wonderful grace.

While she was a missionary on Rennell Island, the southern-most island in the Solomon group, she contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome.  It is a condition of the immune system that attacks the outer sheath of the nerves and renders them useless.  The whole body gradually shuts down.  Ronit tells very honestly what it was like to be finally evacuated from Rennell, to Honiara, and then to Auckland, just in time.  In the hospital the doctors had to connect her to a breathing machine to keep her alive while the medicine stopped the immune system from attacking, and as many people were praying around the world, her body slowly returned to normal.  However there were many painful weeks as Ronit learned to walk and do normal functions again.

In going through such a valley we learn the of the compassion of the Lord, and as Ronit tells in her book, this gave her authority to communicate this to others.

E-mail us if you would like to read this book.  The book includes a copy of a DVD of Ronit’s wedding on Rennell Island.  She was married to Stephen Sogo on 27 January 2006 — a wonderful conclusion to an amazing “valley” experience with the Lordntent


Is God at Home?

This book has a number of articles in the Appendix that will hopefully answer some of the many questions that people ask about what we believe that makes it possible to live together in harmony.


His Bride Has Made Herself Ready

On the back cover of this book, Ron and Jeanette have written — “In this small book we give some detail of how the Heavenly Father uses the shared life together to bring areas of our lives to the Cross.  We testify how this then allows the Holy Spirit to work more easily in our lives, and so bring glory to our Lord Jesus.
    We also draw attention to the events that are taking place in the earth, and how they are fulfilling Bible prophecy.  These prophecies say that pressure will come upon Israel and the Church to encourage them to be ready when our Lord Jesus returns.

Overcoming in the Time of the End

This book has been written to awaken the Church from a false compacency, and to help to prepae her for the time that Jesus deccribes in Matthew 24.21, as being a time “of great distress, unequalled from the beginning of time until now– and never to be equalled again.”
The tribulation is a reality that the Church must be prepared to face.  Corrie Ten Boom wrote — “There are some among us teaching there will be no tribulation, that the Christians will be able to escape all this.  These are false teachers that Jesus was warning us to expect in the latter days.  Most of them have little knowledge of what is already going on across the world.”
This book needs to be read prayerfully, so that its warning does not produce gloom, but rather an eager appropriation of the Holy Spirit that has been sent from the Father to equip His chilldren for everything that must take place on the earth before our Lord Jesus returns.

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Song Books

We compiled our song book to have many songs and hymns from a wide selection of the Churches’ denominational heritage.  So our children have learnt to love such wonderful hymns as, “When peace like a river”, and “The Old Rugged Cross”, as well as the newer choruses like “Lord, we desire to seek Thee, and in Thy Courts to dwell…”.  We all love to sing, “You must become just like a child, to enter the Kingdom of God.”

We revise this book about twice a year, taking out songs we have not been using and entering new ones.  But always keeping a song with the same number so that newer editions don’t conflict with older ones.

E-mail us if you would like a copy.  We can tell you the cost depending on where you live.