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Drury Christian School


The motto for our school is:
Isaiah 33:6 – “He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge, the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.”
And the fountain of life at our school comes from:
Matthew 22:37 – Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second one is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself.”
Drury Christian School is a home-school co-operative, with a number of families doing their schooling in one place. We are a registered, private preschool, primary and secondary school. The school has a principal, supervisors, and trained staff which include fathers and mothers of the children.  The parents of each family attending the school are asked to spend one day a week in the school, and all of the staff have completed an A.C.E training course on Christian education.
 Parent’s evenings are held two times each year when families can meet together for encouragement and instruction.
The school is administered by the Drury Church.
Three Reasons for a Christian School:
1. God who made all things should receive the glory for this, and be at the centre of our education. Hence the motto for our school: “He will be the sure foundation.”
We use A.C.E curriculum, which at the same time as teaching language, maths, science, and social studies, is encouraging the child to develop a close relationship with Jesus Christ and so grow in wisdom and knowledge.  The development of Godly character is given a place ahead of acquiring knowledge. 
2. A child learns best in a secure, disciplined environment, and the fewer inconsistencies between church, home, and school, the better. The Bible has the principles for all of life.
3. A focus can be put on the needs of the individual.  For academic learning, each child studies at their own desk, at their own level, and their own speed, and only when they have mastered a topic do they go on to the next one. For learning as a group, the individual can be taught how to consider the needs of others without losing their own identity. God has a personal plan for us all that fits into a bigger picture.
The ACE Statement of Faith:
We believe in:
The inspiration of the Bible, equally in all parts and without error in its origin.
The one God, eternally existent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who created man by a direct immediate act.
The pre-existence, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, ascension to Heaven, and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The fall of man, the need of regeneration by the operation of the Holy Spirit on the basis of grace alone, and the resurrection of all, to eternal life or eternity in hell.
The spiritual relationship of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, living a life of righteous works, in the world but not of it, witnessing to His saving grace through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
The A.C.E (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum was developed by a team of twenty-seven competent teachers, starting in 1973, led by Dr. Donald and Mrs. Esther Howard. The writing team expanded from being mainly Americans to later include some New Zealanders, and today the curriculum is used in nearly 7000 schools and in over 100 countries. Its development has cost above 40 million dollars.
The curriculum covers all subjects, from kindergarten to Year 13, and at primary level provides more courses than the normal 5 core subjects, of English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Word Building. This gives extra scope for the bright student.
The curriculum is written in a small booklet called a PACE, (Packet of Accelerated Christian Education) and takes the average student 2 weeks to complete in each subject. Normally a student works at 5 subjects a day.  The student works in their individual “office”, sets their own goals for each day, and marks their own work at a score station.  After completing each PACE they test themselves, then the following day sit a supervised test.  They are not allowed to progress to the next unit of work until they have scored at least 80%, (for senior students).
Most New Zealand tertiary institutions accept an A.C.E Year 13 Certificate, and these include the universities of Auckland, Massey, Waikato, and Otago. The A.C.E certificates are also accepted by NZQA.
Standard of Conduct:
The aim of this school is to encourage the development of Christlike character in each student. To help toward this end, a system where pupils can earn merits to reward good behaviour, and demerits to discourage poor conduct, is implemented. An accumulation of merits results in personal encouragements, open commendation, and then special privileges.
However, if three or more demerits are gained in a day, then a detention follows. In serious cases probation for a period or finally dismissal from school may be necessary.
We expect the child to show respect for parents and others in authority at school, and when travelling to and from school. The school encourages communication with the school, and prayer, rather than criticism of the rules, or of an individual.
The child should treat other students as they would their own brother or sister, and be encouraging and helpful.
We don’t have a school uniform but rather a dress code.  Having a dress code means the student is already learning how to choose clothes with a discerning eye for modesty and deportment rather than because of peer pressure or fashion.
 Group Activities:
As well as the individualized ACE academic work the day starts each morning with assemblies and the afternoon has different practical group classes.
Assemblies can include devotions, language (Maori, German, Dutch, South Korean, Pidgin, Hebrew …depending on Teachers and demand) Choir, reading for aural comprehension and more.
Afternoon activities can include sport, art and crafts, drama, film making, practical science, practical computer skills, musical instrument lessons, dance and drama, ….
We encourage the parents with skills to be prepared to be put on the teaching roster.




 For the complete prospectus and further information, such as International Students, the address of the school, or the fees charged, please Contact Us

Christian School

Each student has their own “office”, and can work at their own speed.

Christian School

Here a student is marking his own work.

Christian School

One of our School choirs.

Learning about different traditions – Advent candles.