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The first building we built when we bought the farm, that runs up the back of Drury Village, was the Prayer House.  This is because we see that it is prayer that holds us, in our diversity of culture and upbringing, together.
On the ground floor is an auditorium that can hold about 300 people.  This has been tested with meetings hosting international speakers.  We have also used this room to hold wedding receptions and concerts.
On an everyday basis one end is used as our main classroom and the other for our Sunday morning services starting at 9:30am.
There is a room upstairs on a mezzanine floor which is our prayer room.  People can put themselves down for a particular slot each day and when there is a particular crisis or need, we make up a 24-hour rotation.
Prayer helps us to bring the needs of other’s and ourselves that are, from a human point of view, impossible, before our heavenly Father for whom nothing is impossible.  It helps us to get divine wisdom so that we are able to keep on being there for each other and to achieve the goals for which we have come together.
 Prayer needs come in from around New Zealand and overseas.  People also come to visit from near and far sharing where they are at for us to pray for them.  We get very good at communicating with hand and foot when their language is not familiar to us.