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Land and Buildings
Two of our women preparing lunch for the school students, those who live on the site and any visitors.
Land and Buildings
Dining Room
Here we are watching an item during a special evening meal.  
Land and Buildings
Prayer House
This is the Prayerhouse.  We don’t call it the church because we are the Church.  We can hold three hundred people in it for special occasions, it is our main classroom, upstairs is a room set apart for people to pray any time throughout the day and we have our Sunday morning meeting there.  However, in the middle of winter when we need a fire then we meet in the dining room because it is warmer.
For the Sunday evening meeting we usually meet in our dining room following a shared meal.
We take any opportunity to pray for each other.
Land and Buildings
Land and Buildings
Grace House
If you come to visit us, 13 Sutton Road is our entrance.  Grace House is the main building with accommodation for persons in need upstairs. The ground floor houses the milk room and reception.
We’d love to see you!
Beside Grace House is our organic shop.
The New Shop


Farm Buildings

We have an 8 bale milking Shed, Implement sheds and chicken sheds on the 26 hectare property in what was the village of Drury and now the southernmost border of Auckland.