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Our desire is that all who come to our site at Drury would see our Lord Jesus.  He has risen from the earth to be with the Father, but He will return, and again we will be able to see Him with our physical eyes, as the early disciples did.  So at present we “see” Him in the way His servants live and serve Him.

To meet Jesus, or to fellowship with Him now, is possible because He has sent the Holy Spirit.  You can invite Jesus to make Himself known to you, by His Spirit. (John 14.6-27)
Here are some simple steps to come to Jesus.
Acknowledge that He exists.
Confess your need of Him.  Jesus is the Son of God Who was sent by our Heavenly Father to die on the cross outside the city of Jerusalem. This means any one at all, who is conscious of their sin (shortcomings, omissions, mistakes), can have that sin forgiven and forgotten.  The blood that Jesus gave is perfect blood, and so is powerful to save and heal as many as come to Him humbly. (1 John 1.5-2.2)
Repent (renounce and turn from), your sin that you have just received forgiveness for, so that you don’t keep doing it. (1 John 2.3-6)
Ask the Lord Jesus to come into your life as Lord and Saviour (also as your best Friend).  He will give you the strength you need to keep you from doing the same sins over and over again.
Thank Him for what He has done for you, and for coming into your life.
Receive the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2.38-39)
Read the Bible and tell another Christian of what you have decided to do.
                                                                                          (Hebrews 10.24-25)
God bless you.
Here is a simple prayer that you could pray.
Dear Lord Jesus, I know that You are real and can hear me.  I am in need of Your forgiveness and cleansing from my sin.  I receive Your blood as the price to free me of my debt to God for all my wrongdoing.
I want to turn away from the many things that I have been doing wrong, and do what is right with Your help.
Please come into my heart as my Saviour, and I want my life to come under Your Lordship.
I thank You for loving me and showing Yourself to me – for cleansing me, and strengthening me to live a Godly life.  I receive Your Holy Spirit for the power I need to live a life that will please You.
Please help me to read the Bible and confess to others that I love You. Amen
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