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New Zealand

Short Term Missions

As invitations come in we are ready to send a team to other parts of New Zealand to encourage and strengthen other people’s visions.  One example would be the seasonal workers in the Hauraki District.

Visits to Old Folk’s Homes

If there is one thing that cheers up elderly folk it is children singing!  We visit in several old people’s homes and twice a year we take the whole school to share the music we have practised at school.

Mission Work

Prison Visits

Some of our men are trained to enter one of New Zealand’s maximum security prisons and another local facility for a  Sunday morning meeting with the inmates. 

Mid week Bible Studies and English/reading lessons have also been part of our mission.

Jesus said, “I was in prison and you came to visit me.”
Matthew 25.36

Mission Work

Bible in Schools

Despite Bible in Schools being phased out in many public primary schools,  ending a long standing tradition since the founding of Education in New Zealand, we are still able send a representative to be a part of a team going into a local primary school each month to take an hours Bible study, singing and activity time.  This is to help the young children see the relevance of the Bible in their lives, to help them to see our Lord Jesus Christ as a Saviour and that there is a hope and future for each one of us contrary to what Evolution would lead them to believe.

Open air Markets

As part of our reaching out to society we attend markets as they are held around the region including Alfriston.  This gives us a chance to mix with the public and offer follow up assistance apart from being an extension of our organic shop. 

Demonstration Days

Periodically we hold in Drury days when we demonstrate the products we sell in the shop and how to make natural and wholesome foods at home .  Also as a part of the programme advice on home health and remedies is explained and demonstrated.    On request we can run workshops on composting, community gardening, preserving native species, propagation of natural seeds and more.  We are also available to bring the demonstration programme to you.   

Please contact us to make a time and discuss the fee.